Impact of Undetected AC Leaks

When a AC leak is not repaired it can be damaging to your system and your wallet. Finding AC leaks before the compressor breaks or other components is crucial to avoiding premature damage. 

Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your system running longer and more efficiently. It will not only minimize the risk for AC leaks but also reduce the strain on the system by detecting clogged filters and fans. Clogged filters, fans and AC leaks force the system to work harder and use more energy. By having a preventative maintenance plan will save money, provide cleaner air and with there being less of a risk of harmful refrigerants escaping, its helps protect the environment as well.

When a AC leak is not repaired you will get: 

  • Equipment breakdown. This can be time consuming and costly depending on the parts. With regular maintenance technicans can go through their checklist and ensure each component is operating correctly. Saving on costly AC repairs and prolong unit life.
  • Environmental Pollution. Any refrigerant leaking causes damage to the environment. In 2020, the Environemental Protection Agency (EPA) initiated the phase out of the harmful older HCF’s refrigerants like R-22. Any unit that was manufactured and installed before 2010 was most likely a R-22. Your skilled HVAC technican can help identify what system yours is and the positive effects of upgrading.
  • Food Spoilage. Leaks lead to profit loss, especially in a refrigeration system. FDA advice that refrigerators should be at or below 4° C (40° F) and freezers should be set at -18° C (0° F). If a leak lasts longer then 2 hours, this can potentially compromise food safety. Having alarm systems in place and regular maintenance can find leaks before issues arise.
  • Increased operating expenses. AC leaks can cause strain on the system and reduce the life span of the equipment. This means more expenses going towards AC repairs or a higher electricity bill. Technicans should inspect for HVAC and refrigeration units for leaks, broken seals, clogged drains, and dirty components regularly. Additionally, optimizing existing systems with new technology will help to decrease energy consumption, lower operating expenses, and reduce carbon emissions.

By establishing a leak detection program your risk of high expenses and life span of the system is low. A tool to use in your leak detection program is the UV Fluorescent Leak Detection. Incorporate this into your preventative HVAC maintenance program as its the most visually accurate way to find AC leaks. By injecting it into the system, it safely circulates with the oil and refrigerant escaping at all leak sites. When scanned with a Spectroline LED Ultraviolet Leak detection Lamp it will be glowing brilliantly even at a distance.

Spectroline’s Fluorescent leak detection dye and system additives are professional grade solutions used by technicians that work on Residential, Commercial and Refrigeration systems. The OEM-Grade quality dye remains safely in the system, continuously working 24/7 to identify any future leaks while providing peace of mind for system maintenance.