ACID-BUSTER™ Eliminates Acid Buildup

Acids in AC/R systems is a very common cause of refrigerant leaks and burnout compressions. Acid test and Acid-neutralizers are system additives that can help eliminate acidic refrigeration and stop breakdowns.

Acidic refrigeration in HVAC systems are caused by:

  • Age
  • Lack of Maintenance
  • Improper System Repair.

These allow moisture, heat or impurities to enter the system creating a chemical reaction that forms acid buildup. Chemical reactions create small holes in the AC/R components which ultimately allow for more contaminants to enter the compressor. If not addressed quickly this can lead to a compressor burnout.

Once you have confirmed the presence of acidic refrigerants, good practices includes evaluating the levels regularly. Preventing an underlying issue like corrosion from creating holes in the coils or other inefficiencies that lead to breakdowns. An Acid Test Kit like Spectrolines Acid-Buster™ is very helpful in determining the presence of acid buildup.

Acid-Buster™ is a ready-to-use acid scavenging solution for air conditioning and refrigeration units. Unlike other common chemical neutralizer products Acid-Buster™ chemically bonds with the acid in a system and keeps it in suspension until the acid can be absorbed by the filter dryer. Acid-Buster™ is highly concentrated, fast-acting, compatible with all oils and refrigerants and can be easily injected directly into any unit. This efficient “scavenging” effect does not leave behind harmful residue such as corrosive salts or moisture. Therefore making it safe for HVAC system components.

Performing frequent oil changes to dilute acids or flushing the entire system is typically standard maintenance to remove acids. Using Acid-Buster™ eliminates expensive and time-consuming repairs for better prevention against burnouts.



(1) 0.5 oz (15 ml) cartridge for every 2 tons (7 kW) of cooling