Uni-T UT352 Sound Level Meter

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UNI-T’s UT352 Sound Level 30~130dB Meter has auto range and data storage function, with high/lower alarm, analogue outputs and condenser microphone.


The UT352 takes sound measurement to the next level.

Uni-T UT352  sound level meters can measure sound noise level and output results in dB. A or C weighted modes can be selected depending on the application. These meters consume very little power and can continuously work up to 20 hours. They are suitable for industrial and environmental sound level measurements.


  • MAX/MIN modes
  • Auto power off (cancellable)
  • 63 sets data storage
  • AC/DC analog signal output
  • Analog Bar Graph
  • Over/under range indication
  • Data hold, LCD backlight
  • Simulated analog bar
  • A (ear)/C (machine) weighing modes
  • Manual/auto range selectable
  • Fast/slow response rate (fast: 125ms, slow: 1s)
  • Powered by batteries or external power source
  • 12 Month Warranty.

UT352, English Manual, Leather Box, Mic Shield, Batteries and 12-month Warranty.


Specifications Range Best Accuracy
Model UT352
Range 30~80dB ±1.5dB
50~100dB ±1.5dB
60~110dB ±1.5dB
80~130dB ±1.5dB
Frequency 31.5Hz~8000Hz
Frequency Weighting A&C
Sample Rate FAST: 8 Times/s
SLOW: 1 Times/s
Analogue Outputs AC: 0.707Vrms full scale; Output impedance: around 600Ω
DC: 2Vrms full scale; 10mV/dB; Output impedance: around 100Ω
Data Hold
Auto Power Off
Low Battery Indication ≤4.8V
MAX Mode
MIN Mode
Data Logging 63
High Alarm Display “OVER”
Lower Alarm Display “UNDER”
LCD Backlight
Analog Bar Graph 30~130dB
General Characteristics 
Power 1.5V Batteries (LR6) X 4
LCD Size 53mm X 41mm
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 330g
Product Size 273mm X 70mm X 39mm
Standard Accessories Batteries, Windscreen, Leather Box
Standard Individual Packing Box, English Manual


UT352 Sound Level Meter English Manual

UT352 Sound Level Meter Flyer