Uni-T UTi120T Thermal Imager (-20 ~ 400℃)

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UTi120T Series Thermal Imager is the top of the range, dramatically reducing inspection and diagnostic time by helping you visually pinpoint the source of electrical, mechanical, and HVAC/R system faults.

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The Uni-T Pocket-Sized Thermal Imager fills the gap between single spot infrared thermometers and more expensive thermal imagers. With 120×90 pixel resolution, this small thermal imager lets you see the heat map instantly so you know exactly where to target spot measurement. Easily find unseen hot and cold spots for instant troubleshooting, and store images on the removable micro SD card to show customers and include in reports. It significantly improves inspection and diagnostic times by helping you visually pinpoint the source of electrical, mechanical, and HVAC/R system faults.

Advantages of thermal imager detection

1. Intuitive, efficient and convenient, making users directly “see” the temperature variation.
2. Thermal condition of different locations for comprehensive analysis, providing more information for judgment
3. Avoiding judgment errors, reducing labour costs, and discovering poor heat dissipation and hidden trouble points

4. PC software for data analysis and report output.


  • Temperature range: -20 ~ 400℃
  • 3.5” LCD Touchscreen
  • Compact 20 x 12 x 6 cm
  • IR resolution 120×90 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity (NETD) <60mk
  • Field of view (FOV) 50°×38°
  • Frame rate 25Hz/9Hz
  • Digital Zoom up to 8x
  • Focus free
  • IP54 rating
  • Display modes thermal, image blending, visible light
  • High/low-temperature tracking
  • Rechargeable lithium battery (through micro USB)
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • PC software for temperature analysis and reporting.

1 x UTi120T,  Carrying bag, micro USB cable, 16GB micro SD card and a 12-Month Warranty.

30 Day Lead Time. 


Model UTi80P UTi120T
IR resolution 80×60 pixels 120×90 pixels
Field of view (FOV) 51° horizontal 50°×38°
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) ≤150mk (0.15℃) <60mk
Temperature range  -10~400℃ -20~400℃
Spatial resolution (IFOV) 11mrad 7.6mrad
Frame rate ≤9Hz 25Hz/9Hz
Measurement accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% whichever is greater
Focus  Focus free
Digital zoom  2×, 4×, 8×


Display modes Thermal Thermal, image blending, visible light
General Characteristics
Power UTi80P: Li-ion battery (3.7V 1300mAh); UTi120T (3.7V 5000mAh)
Product colour Red and grey
Product net weight UTi80P: 125g; UTi120T: 212g;
Product size UTi80P: 76mm x 76 mm x 22mm; UTi120T: 205mm x 124 mm x 65mm
Standard accessories Carrying bag , micro USB cable, 16 GB micro SD card