SpeedClean SC-VSC-7000A-50 Dry Steam Coil and Surface Cleaner

SKU: SC-VSC-7000A-50
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Quickly clean and sanitize surfaces, remove oils, grease, and dirt use on coils and other areas.


The new SpeedClean Dry Steam Coil & Surface Cleaner harnesses the power of superheated dry steam at a maximum temperature of 112.78°C (235°F equivalent). Please note that, as a metric-based company, this temperature is provided in Celsius. This innovative cleaner efficiently obliterates oils and dirt, leaving surfaces clean and sanitized, all without the use of any chemicals! Ideal for use on greasy, dirty coils in mini-splits, condensers, refrigeration coils, and more. It’s also perfect for cleaning and sanitizing cooler and freezer seals, as well as greasy exhaust fans, ductwork, and areas where chemical use is either prohibited or frowned upon.


  • Uses superheated dry steam
  • 65 psi cleaning, with minimal water residue
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes with a complete accessory kit
  • Degreases and sanitizes


  • Greasy coils
  • Ductwork and exhaust fans
  • Coolers, refrigerators, and food preparation and dining surfaces

INCLUDES: 1 x Dry steam cleaner, complete accessory kit.


  • Water Capacity: 66 Gallons / 2.5 Liters
  • Steam Hose Length (ft.): 10
  • Power Supply Cord (ft.): 13
  • Max. Steam Temp at Nozzle: 112.78 °C
  • Max. Steam Pressure: 65 PSI
  • Power: 230V 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 7 Kg


SpeedClean SC-VSC-7000A-50 Dry Steam Coil and Surface Cleaner Product Sheet