SpeedClean CJ-9619 Foaming Nozzle for CoilJet Coil Cleaners

SKU: SC-CJ-9619
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Innovative quick connect design easily snaps onto CoilJet and agitates water and chemical to create a thick lather to coat and clean even the dirtiest coils.


The CoilJet Condenser Cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning condenser coils quickly and efficiently. Several attachments are available to help optimize how efficiently the job can be done.

The CoilJet CJ-9619 Foaming Nozzle is a great attachment for your CoilJet Condenser Cleaner. Once connected to the CoilJet system, using the quick connect fitting, the air is introduced to the water and chemical treatment, creating a rich, thick foamy lather. The foam helps to lift dirt and debris from the coils.


  • Quick connect fittings
  • Creates a thick, rich lather
  • Safe output pressure for any coil
  • Creates a thick, rich lather for better cleaning
  • Best if use with SpeedyFoam coil cleaner
  • Increases cleaning effectiveness by lifting out dirt embedded in coils.


  • HVAC condenser and evaporator coils
  • Refrigeration units.


1 x CJ-9619 foaming nozzle.


Item Foaming Nozzle Assembly
Material Plastic
Max. Flow 0.5 GPM
Max. Flow GPM 0.5
Max. Fluid Temp. 200 F
Max. Pressure 150 psi