JAVAC ProCharge 3 Refrigerant Charging Scale

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Javac Procharge 3 Charging Scale offers a 100kg (220lbs) weighing limit. The refrigerant scale is highly accurate with a 5g resolution and easy for anyone to operate.

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ProCharge 3 Refrigerant Charging Scales for HVAC/R 100KG

The ProCharge 3 refrigerant charging scale was designed specifically for the rigours of HVAC/R field service.

The ProCharge 3 Refrigerant Scales includes a remote with a bright backlight and a carry bag for easy handling. The heavy-duty platform is constructed of solid aluminium with rugged rubber bumpers. A recessed tank cradle and diamond plate pad hold refrigerant cylinders firmly. The remote stores conveniently in the bottom of the platform.


  • Remote stores in the body of the platform for convenient carrying
  • Solid aluminium platform with rubber corners for rugged field use
  • Diamond plated rubber pad keeps cylinders from sliding around the platform
  • Easy synchronisation between platform and remote
  • Highly accurate weight sensor
  • Remote remembers the last zero point, even after powering on and off
  • Bright backlight to read the remote display in any lighting
  • Auto-power off conserves battery life
  • Battery life for both the platform is visible at all times
  • Superior battery life
  • Convenient carry case.


JAVAC ProCharge 3 Scales, Instructions, Carry Bag and 12-Month Warranty.


  • Max weighing: 100kg
  • Resolution:5g
  • Accuracy: ±0.05%
  • Power supply: hand-held device: 5 AAA alkaline batteries: scale platform: 5 AA alkaline batteries
  • Battery Life: 40 Hours
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃~40℃
  • Storage Temperature: 15℃~50℃
  • Temperature fluctuation range: 5℃/h
  • Relative humidity: 50~85%
  • Product size: 271 x 271 x 74mm.