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The AST-ID Refrigerant Identifier is crafted to confirm the purity level of refrigerants within vehicles or cylinders, ensuring they meet the required standards for utilization or recycling. This portable device additionally detects the existence of impurities such as hydrocarbons and oxygen, which can detrimentally affect the efficiency of air conditioning systems.

By analyzing vapor samples from cylinders or vehicles, AST-ID distinguishes between R1234yf or R134a refrigerants. Endorsed by SAE J2912 and adaptable to both SAE and VDA testing modes, AST-ID stands as a dependable and straightforward refrigerant identifier, earning the confidence of technicians.


AST-ID Refrigerant Identifier is designed to verify that the refrigerant in a vehicle or cylinder meets the purity standard necessary for use or reuse.  This portable tool also reveals the presence of contaminants like hydrocarbons and oxygen, both of which can negatively impact the performance of an AC system.


  • Identifies R1234yf and R134a
  • SAE or VDA test modes
  • Sample vapor from cylinders or vehicles
  • Sample contents shown as a percentage of weight
  • NDIR – Non-dispersive infrared technology


  • SAE J2912 approved
  • A2L Certified
  • Five-year O2 sensor
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Multi-language operation including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Polish
  • Optional Bluetooth® printer


Includes AST-ID Refrigerant Identifier
Sample hose with oil restrictor
R134a vehicle low side quick connect
R1234yf vehicle low side quick connect
R134a cylinder adapter
R1234yf cylinder adapter
Wall charger (US and International)
Carrying case
Compatible refrigerants R134a
Data output format SAE or VDA
Sample type Vapor (less than 5 g per test)
Oxygen sensor life 5 years
Power source Lithium ion battery (rechargeable)
Battery life 8 hours
Weight 2.7 lbs (1.2 kg)
Certifications CE
SAE J2912
UL 61010
A2L Certified
Sample tube length 67 in. (1.7 m)
Warranty Two-year