Inficon 717-701-G1 D-Tek Replacement Probe Tip and Filter

SKU: INF-717-701-G1
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The Inficon D-Tek Tip/Filter Kit is designed for durability, offering users a long-term and reliable solution for professional HVACR applications. 


The Inficon D-Tek Tip/Filter Kit is the perfect tool for HVACR professionals. This 1 lb kit includes one tip and twenty foam filters. The product is designed to help accurately diagnose problems in air conditioning systems and keep them running smoothly. The kit is manufactured using high-quality materials and is tested to ensure consistent performance. This item is part of Inficon’s major category of Tools/Instruments and is classified as a Tool within the sub-category of HVACR Tools.


1 x Tip and 20 x Foam filters.