INFICON Replacement Infrared Cell 712-701-G1 for D-TEK Select

SKU: INF-712-701-G1
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Inficon D-TEK Select Replacement Infrared Cell 712-701-G1


At the heart of the D-TEK Select, Refrigerant Leak Detector is an infrared absorption filtometer. It consists of a sampling cell with an infrared source (or emitter) at one end, an infrared energy detector at the other end, and an optical filter in between them. Like the visible light we see, infrared energy is part of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. Most materials absorb specific and known wavelengths of infrared energy. The particular wavelengths of energy absorbed by material are known as its absorption spectra. All refrigerants have similar absorption spectra in the range of 7.5–14 micrometres.  The infrared source (emitter) creates a high-intensity stream of energy incorporating all wavelengths in the infrared spectrum.


  • For Use With Refrigerant Leak Detector, Inficon or JAVAC D-TEK Select
  • Item: 712-701-G1 Replacement Sensor
  • Detects: Refrigerant
  • Sensor Life: 1000 hours approximately
  • In Stock: Yes (in NZ).


1 x 712-701-G1 Replacement Sensor


  • Country of Origin: United States