Inficon 510-025 HLD6000 Leak Detector for CO2

SKU: INF-510-025
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The HLD6000 sniffer probe is not only extra slim, but also light and ergonomically shaped.


INFICON is taking a further step toward leak detection at the highest level with the HLD6000 refrigerant leak detector. It is setting new standards in user-friendly handling, reproducibility of measuring results and integration into local networks.

The newly developed, slim and ergonomically shaped sniffer probe allows for more efficient leak detection. Furthermore, with its intuitive touchscreen display, the HLD6000 is even easier to operate than its predecessor the HLD5000. The HLD6000 leak detector also delivers the maximum in communication diversity. A USB interface as well as an optional I/O module and an optional fieldbus module are available for acquiring and using measurement data and integrating that data into local networks.


  • Especially slim and ergonomically designed sniffer probe with status and LED lights
  • Intuitive touchscreen with leakage rate graph
  • USB interface for storing measurement data and for software updates
  • HLD6000 components (probes, base units, consumables and accessories) are compatible/interchangeable with its predecessor, the HLD5000 refrigerant leak detector
  • Newly designed COOL-Check holder for easy exchange in internal test leaks
  • Individual sniffer probes for COand R600a/R290, and a universal Smart sniffer probe for halogen-based refrigerants are available
  • Optional I/O module and optional fieldbus module facilitate integration into local networks
  • ES-Filter for successfully adsorb of interfering substances such as alcohols, adhesives, outgassing foams and more.


  • Air conditioners
  • Automotive air conditioners
  • RAC components
  • and similar products.


1 x HLD6000 Leak Detector, 1 x English manual and 12-month warranty.


Universal Smart probe halogen-based refrigerants
Single gas probe (available for CO2 and R600a/R290) 1g/ a
Universal Smart probe 0.5 g/a (0.014 oz/yr)
Response time < 1 s
Single gas probe 0 – 100 g/a (0 – 3.57 oz/yr)