Imperial 681CKPSC 4-Valve Manifold For R134A

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Imperial 4 Valve Manifold with Gauges & Hoses For R22, R404A, R134A


Suitable for R22, R134A and R404A refrigerants, the Imperial 600 series service manifold consists of an anodised aluminium body, which is aircraft grade, with low and high side gauges, clearly marked and colour-coded for each refrigerant in different pressure units, including kPa, PSI and °C for ease of referencing when calculating superheat and subcooling. Each gauge is protected by a colour-coded rubber boot (blue for low side and red for high side) and is non-flutter, to make reading accurately easy for the user, as well as a longer life thanks to the reduced vibration.


  • 4-Valve Efficiency – Vacuum, low side, high side, and refrigerant lines are individually connected and controlled. No need to switch charging lines.
  • 4 Times Faster Evacuation – 3/8” vacuum port and oversize internal passages evacuate systems four times faster than ordinary manifolds. 3/8” port has a greater area than combined inlets of high and low sidelines.
  • Deep Vacuum Valve Design – Proven diaphragm-type, soft-seat valves require only fingertip pressure to close completely. One turn to full open/close. Superior for deep vacuum service.
  • Precision Gauges & Protective Boots – Unique design with easy to read colour-coded scales provides superior resistance to shock, vibration, and pulsation for superior performance and extended gauge life.
  • PolarShield® Hi-Performance Hoses – 800 PSI working pressure, 4,000 PSI burst pressure (not all models include hose).
  • Ergonomic Handles – Durable, soft-touch non-slip surface, even with oily fingers.
  • Swivel Hanger
  • Shown with 4 x 60-inch hoses.


1 x 681CKPSC Manifold, 3 RYB hoses 1/4, 1 x 60″ 3/8 Vacuum Line and Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • 3 x 120cm x 1/4″ Hoses plus 1 x 60″ x 3/8″  Vacuum Hose & Hose Hanger. [ Suitable for R134a/R1234yf ]
  • 1/4″ fittings plus 3/8″ SAE Vac. Port.
  • Bust Pressure: 4000 PSI
  • Country of origin: USA.