Imperial 535C Kwik Charge Low Side Charger 1/4” SAE

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Liquid Low Side Charger Provides fast, safe charge – essential for today’s blended refrigerants.


The Kwik Charge® charging unit accepts liquid refrigerant from the cylinder and discharges into the low side of the system. The charging rate is up to eight times faster than vapour charging. In addition, liquid charging is required when using R-410A and other blended refrigerants. Attach the Kwik Charge device to the low side of the charging manifold. The charging hose is connected from the Kwik Charge device outlet to the low side of the refrigeration system. The internal metering element reduces liquid flow to a level below the capacity of the compressor. This assures a safe, fast charge without endangering the compressor. A built-in ball check valve automatically opens when drawing a vacuum to assure rapid, unrestricted evacuation. Can be used with all fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerant systems.


  • Up to 8 times faster than vapour charging
  • No need to heat the refrigerant cylinder
  • Built-in check valve opens for drawing an unrestricted vacuum
  • No pressure drop in cylinder
  • One charger services all units 1/2 ton or larger.

1 x 535C Kwik charge charger and Limited lifetime warranty (Conditions apply).


  • Number of valves: 2
  • Connection size: 1/4 in male x 1/4 in female
  • Gauge fill: Liquid
  • Vacuum units: PSI
  • Gauge purpose: Charging, Temperature, Vacuum, Test, Pressure
  • Refrigerant: R-513a, R-600a, R-290, R-401b, R-401a, R-12, R-507, R-407c, R-427a, R-407a, R-409a, R-500, R-1234yf, R-502, R-123, R-422d, R-422c, R-422b, R-410a, R-402b, R-414b, R-402a, R-448a, R-416a, R-12a, R-22, R-408a
  • Country of origin: USA.