Imperial 364FHB Swivel Handle Lever Benders

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Swivel Handle can be Repositioned Midway Through Bend for Easy Fabrication of Bends Multiple Size Options


This patented series has a swivel handle that can be repositioned midway through a bend when both handles begin to meet. This simple feature allows easy fabrication of bends up to 180° with reduced effort, better control and without the crossing of handles, typical of most other lever-type benders.


  • Bending soft copper, aluminium, brass, steel and stainless Steel Tubing
  • Bends One Size
  • Bends up to 180 degrees
  • Swivel Handle
  • Handle Can Be Easily Repositioned


Part No. Tube O.D. (in.) Radius to Center of Tube Weight Each
IMP-364FHB04 1/4 9/16 1.0
IMP-364FHB05 5/16 11/16 1.0
IMP-364FHB06 3/8 15/16 1.75
       IMP-364FHB07 7/16 1-1/2 3.5
       IMP-364FHB08 1/2 1-1/2 1.5

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IMP-364FHB02, IMP-364FHB04, IMP-364FHB05, IMP-364FHB06, IMP-364FHB07, IMP-364FHB08