Spectroline GLO Seal™ Fluorescent Dye with Sealant 6 Pack

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GLO Seal™ pinpoints the exact location of all leak areas and seals AC&R micro-leaks from the inside.


GLO Seal™ is concentrated and perfect for fighting corrosion problems, making it a robust find-and-fix solution for AC&R systems. Use GLO Seal™ for 24/7 leak detection and HVAC preventative maintenance.


  • Pinpoint micro-leaks with our exclusive, OEM-Grade dye formula
  • 2-in-1 premium dye with a powerful sealant
  • Concentrated dye ensures all leaks are found
  • Sealant repairs hidden micro-leaks leaks and stops deterioration from the inside
  • Perfect for preventative maintenance – Scan the system to reveal new leaks
  • Works for you 24/7 – Continuous leak detection and
    ongoing sealing.

GLO Seal™ Fluorescent Dye + Sealant EZ-Ject™ Cartridge

0.5 oz (15 ml) EZ-Ject™ cartridge prefilled with GLO Seal™ Fluorescent Dye + Sealant
Each cartridge treats up to 2.5 tons of cooling.



SPE-EZDS-CS Glo Seal EZ-Ject Cartridges includes six