DiversiTech DCP30A Standard Dairy Cabinet Pump

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Dairy cabinet pump that fits under low display cabinets due to being just 76mm in height. 


The market-leading British made Pump House dairy cabinet range or fondly referred to as ‘Vincent’ offers an unrivalled solution to supermarket refrigeration. With a height of only 76mm this stainless steel, easy to service pump delivers a complete solution. Ideal for supermarket refrigeration cabinets. Can deal with an intermittent water temperature of up to 120˚F / 49˚C.


  • Only 76mm high – fits under even the lowest display cabinet
  • Barbed hose tail – for easy connection of 1/2″ drain hose
  • Multiple inlet options (top, end or side) • Power and alarm cables pre-fitted
  • High discharge head and flow rate – suitable for most applications
  • Ideal for cold produce display cabinets in supermarkets and convenience stores
  • IP 44 rated sealed electric box
  • One year warranty.


1 x Dairy cabinet pump and 12-Month warranty.


  • Maximum discharge lift: 700 LPM
  • Tank capacity 5.5 Litres
  • Outlet 1/2″
  • High-level alarm: 30mm
  • Connection Type: Stripped Wire / Hardwired


DiversiTech DCP30A Standard Dairy Cabinet Pump English Manual

DiversiTech DCP30A Standard Dairy Cabinet Pump Product Sheet