C&D CD3930 Valve Core Removal Tool for 1/4 Inch SAE

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¼ SAE Valve core and replacement tool.


CD3930 Valve Core Removal Tool for  ¼ SAE valve cores. Safely removes and enables replacement of valve core without losing refrigerant.  ¼ SAE rear fitting and side port for the fitting of accessories.

Removes Leaky Valve Cores using a Core remover with no Refrigerant Loss.  Convenient Side Port allows for the Connection of Ancillary Tools including Pressure & Vacuum Gauges.  Easy Superheat measurements using #CD2019 Gauge Adaptor & #CD3975 Superheat Thermometer.   Enables Fast Vacuum by Removing the Valve Core & Vacuuming using #CD2038 3/8 SAE Adaptor.  Remove Damaged Valve Cores & thread Valve Fitting under Pressure using #CD3917 Remover & Rethreader attachments.


  • Removes leaky valve cores using a core remover with no refrigerant loss
  • A convenient side port allows for the connection of ancillary tools including pressure and vacuum gauges
  • Easy superheat measurements using #CD2019 Gauge Adaptor & #CD3975 superheat thermometer
  • Enables fast vacuum by removing the valve core & vacuuming using #CD2038 3/8 SAE adaptor
  • Remove damaged valve cores & thread valve fitting under pressure using #CD3917 remover & re-threader attachments
  • Made in the USA.


1 x CD3930 Valve core removal tool and 12-Month Warranty.


  • Fitting: 1/4″
  • Country of origin: USA.