C&D CD3815 Valve Core Torque Driver

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C&D Valve CD3815 Heavy Duty Valve Core Tool.


Torque release valve core tool. Take the guesswork out of tightening a valve core. Precision torque release ensures the valve core is tightened correctly every time. Prevents leaks due to under-tightening and prevents damage to valve cores due to over-tightening.

Steel jaws ensure a long life. The Steel Shaft allows for Removal of most Stubborn Valve Core. Torque Release Prevents Damage to the Valve Core on Installation by Preventing too much torque being applied to the Valve Core (resulting in fewer Callbacks due to Leaks or Failure of the Valve Core Seal due to Over Tightening). Easy to Operate, Insert Tool onto Valve, Tighten until you feel a Click – the Valve is Tightened Perfectly.


  • Steel shaft allows for the removal of the most stubborn valve core
  • Prevents damage to the valve core on installation by preventing too much torque from being applied to the valve core
  • Easy to operate
  • Made in the USA.


1 x Valve core torque driver and 12-Month Warranty.


  • Pre-Set Torque Range: 4.5 – 5.0 in/lbs.
  • Country of origin: USA.