C&D CD2080 5/16 Inch Flare Thumbscrew Core Depressor

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5/16″ female flare compact thumbscrew core depressor with 1/4″ male flare access port.

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The C&D Valve CD2080 is installed on the end of a charging hose, the thumbscrew core depressor attaches to a 5/16″ male flare with a valve core. It allows the valve core to be opened to the degree of flow desired by turning the knob clockwise. The tool will back seat and retain the gas in the charging hose when the knob is turned counterclockwise as far as possible.


  • 5/16″ F. flare compact thumbscrew core depressor
  • 1/4″ M. flare access port
  • Attach to male flare to manage the degree of flow
  • For use with charging hose or with no depressor tip
  • High-quality brass, compact design for tight spaces.


1 x CD2080.


  • Brand: C&D
  • Part Number: CD2080
  • Size: 5/16 Inch
  • Country of origin: USA.