Spectroline Acid Buster EZ-Ject Replacement Cartridge (Six Pack)

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Universal Acid Scavenging Solution – Most Concentrated!


ACID-BUSTER is the easiest and most accurate method of treating an AC&R system for acid build-up. ACID-BUSTER cartridges are prefilled with an acid scavenging solution that is compatible with all oils and refrigerants in AC&R systems (mineral oil, POE, PVE oil and alkylbenzene).


  • Twice as concentrated as competitive solutions
  • Ideal for preventive maintenance
  • Self-contained injector allows you to use only as much as you need
  • 0.5 oz (14.8 ml) cartridge treats up to 1 qt of oil [approx. 3 lbs of refrigerant or 1.5 tons of cooling].

6 x AB-5CS Replacement Cartridge.